Posted on 05-05-2008
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Well it’s nearly that time of year again. Reelmad is just around the corner so things are starting to gear up here at DaLeigh Productions in preparation.

One thing we learned last year is that you can’t leave it till the actual day of the competition, you have to be prepared. With that in mind we have a completed the script overview and today we did some location scouting and test shooting around Doonan.

The script, or should I say scripts, will require specific outdoor terrain so we were planning on a bit of driving about. Fortunately however the first place we looked was pretty much ideal, so that’s a good start.

I should expand on the scripts comment above. When we started on the script it was set 30% interior, 70% exterior. However, with the Reelmad festival being in July the chance of rain is pretty good, so a rethink was in order. So now we’re working on two scripts, one based mainly on exterior settings and the other based mainly on interior. The stories themselves are essentially the same with some minor differences with regard to location.

We’re also working on some extra kit. The first one is fairly well known, the Steadicam. Of course budget is a concern so a professional version is out of the question. A quick scan of Youtube showed same interesting concepts of varying budgets. Speaking of budgets, you have to be careful of those claims that their Steadicam or whatever costs $2.50 in parts to build. Then they go through a whole pile of bits and pieces they had “lying around” so those were classified as free. That’s nice if you have the same junk as them but if not then you have to go out and buy it. We haven’t started on the Steadicam yet but we’ll keep you posted.

The second piece of kit is a SnorriCam. A SnorriCam, for those that have never heard of it, is a camera that points directly at the head of one person and moves to keep there head in the centre of frame. If you have ever seen Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels think of the scene just after the poker game when one of the heroes is leaving the boxing ring. Things are progressing well on our SnorriCam with just a more flexible mounting system being needed. We’ll post some footage of the SnorriCam in action soon.

Okay, that’ll do for now, more news in the near future.


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