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Well I suppose I should bite the bullet and post our actual entry for ReelMad 2008. Still debating wether to put this on YouTube as I’m sure a lot more people will see it there than here. But as emabarrasing as it is for me (I’m basically jumping about in my underwear at one point) I suppose I’ll just have to get over it.

Some things about this movie. Number one is the time frame. The ReelMad competition stipulates that the movie must be filmed within a 24 hour period, starting 3pm Friday and finishing 6pm Saturday. Yes I know that’s actually 27 hours but humour me okay? The other stipulation is that they give a list of ten items and you have to incorporate five of these in your movie. It’s not easy getting all ten in, in fact the winner of “Best Use Of List” only managed eight but we crammed all ten in. Here’s the list.

  • Getting Caught.
  • A Banana.
  • Bad 70’s Moustache.
  • Giving Something Away.
  • Odd Sox.
  • An Impersonation.
  • A Ticking Clock or Deadline.
  • 3 Cheers
  • A ReelMad Man
  • The Phrase “May you live in interesting times”.

You also have to incorporate one of the event sponsors.

  • e-Plants
  • Surrender Dorothy
  • Queensland Events
  • Film Industry Network
  • The Noosa Journal
  • Parc Food
  • Artcine
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council
  • United Synergies
  • Zinc fm
  • Diverse Design
  • No1 in Hastings St
  • Creative Minds
  • Tsunami Mag
  • NDS Actors
  • The Noosa Long Weekend

I’ll tell you the sponsor we chose was The Noosa Journal (paper) but the list items you will have to work out for yourself. We did mange to incorporate all of them though.

Now I mentioned the time frame, and in an earlier post I told you about how our original script fell over after our camera died. This movie was a barely a concept at 9:00 pm on the Friday night so we basically started at 8:00am Saturday and finished converting to DVD at 4pm the same day. So in 8 hours we scripted, staged, shot and edited this movie.

And it shows.

So here it is, I wanna Go ReelMad. The premise is this; It’s ReelMad time again and our hero is keen to get into it, but his partner remembers the failure of last year and wants nothing to do with it. What follows is his attempt to persuade her to make another attempt at ReelMad glory.

And we’re reely, reely sorry about the whole thing.

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